Celebrating Being Funny


Black Belt Banter was founded by a group of like-minded fashion guru's from the midlands in the UK.

One of our directors is always playing pranks and practical jokes, and that is where our name and brand comes from. He believes he is a Black belt in Banter, some of us would disagree but he does always play funny pranks on people, especially his Dad. 


You will see some of these videos on here in the videos section !

Some people mistake the brand for only appealing to fighters, this is not the case.


The Black Belt Banter name evolved from a couple of our friends thinking they were overly funny, calling themselves black belts in banter. Some of us unfortunately got the stereo type as white belts in banter because we had zero comeback. Look out for this sub range coming soon !

The ethos here is pretty simple too, have lots of fun and grow like crazy !